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Customers Impressed! Amercook Production Base Welcomes Russian and Central Asian Visitors

Today, more than forty customers from Russia and Central Asia visited the Amercook production base. The team at Amercook warmly received and guided our esteemed guests, providing them with an in-depth understanding of our brand and products.

A Warm Welcome Ceremony

As soon as the customers stepped into the Amercook Yongkang production base, they were captivated by a vibrant welcome poster wall composed of twelve screens. This enthusiastic reception left a lasting impression on our guests.


Supermarket-Style Showroom

Following the welcome ceremony, visitors entered the showroom, where they explored Amercook’s rich history and experienced themed displays featuring product lines such as Artmartin and Alfetta. The innovative layout, resembling a supermarket, allowed customers to immerse themselves in a lifelike shopping environment.

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Cozy Café for Refreshment

Within the showroom, we’ve thoughtfully set up a café where weary visitors can take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. This cozy corner has been well-received by our guests.

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Warehouse Tour and Production Processes

After touring the showroom, customers proceeded to the fourth-floor warehouse. The shelves were stocked with a wide range of products, ensuring ample inventory to meet their sales needs. Additionally, guests explored the packaging, assembly, and other production processes on the third, second, and first floors. The comprehensive tour left them highly impressed with our production facilities.

Satisfaction All Around

Throughout the visit, our guests engaged in lively conversations with our team members. Their satisfaction was evident as they expressed admiration for our production base. Finally, we captured this memorable occasion with a group photo, symbolizing the successful visit.

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Since its inception, amercook has remained committed to providing high-quality kitchenware and electrical appliances. Our product lines include Terracotta, the Aristo stainless steel series, and AMVegan. Recently, we’ve expanded into the electrical appliance market, introducing products such as air fryers, blenders, bread makers, coffee machines, and electronic scales. The journey of amercook is marked by innovation and perseverance, and we will continue to evolve, bringing the joy of delicious cooking to even more people!

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