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Light up the kitchen with your heart,
move your life with your love.


who is Amercook

Amercook is a professional cookware brand that was established in 1973. For more than 20 years, Amercook has been advocating the bond between people and the kitchen, believing that the kitchen is a warm harbor that nurtures the relationship between people through cooking. People express their love through cooking, infusing their food with emotion and tenderness. Only those who have love in their heart can understand.

As a leading cookware factory and wholesaler, Amercook has a mature quality control system and an ever-growing R&D department, which are the cornerstones of our company. We aim to serve our target audience with the best products possible. Each pot from Amercook is full of designers’ inspiration and creativity, and undergoes at least six quality checks to ensure product quality before it can be presented to people.

Real Products, Sincere Brands

Our Designer Team



General Designer

Andrea Filippi

Director of Design

Luca Trazzi

Counselor of Design

Health And Safety

Why You Choose Our Service!

Design & Development

Amercook has a history of 50 years, and has a very large number of global design patents and certificates, etc.

Standardised system

Unified brand standardized management to protect the interests of every customer.

visual identity

Use simple kitchen utensils to outline a fashion line of art painting, meaning to decorate every corner and detail of our lives with art.

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