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Amercook Shines at MosHome 2024 Exhibition

Moscow, May 11, 2024 — Amercook, a professional cookware manufacturer, designer, and distributor, recently showcased its latest product lines at the MosHome 2024 exhibition in Moscow, Russia. This exhibition marked an important debut for Amercook in the electrical appliance market, drawing significant attention from attendees.

Exhibit Design: The Allure of Purple

Amercook’s booth was adorned with an extensive use of purple, a color that symbolizes innovation, quality, and uniqueness — principles that Amercook steadfastly upholds. Amidst a sea of exhibits, Amercook’s purple booth stood out, becoming one of the focal points of the exhibition.

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Amercook Shines at MosHome 2024 Exhibition 7

Product Highlights: The New Clampable Series

On display were two eye-catching new series: the 9-piece Clampable Set and the 5-piece Clampable Set. These cookware sets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, perfectly blending design with practicality. Whether for home kitchens or professional chefs, Amercook’s new Clampable series offers suitable cookware for everyone.

Amercook Shines at MosHome 2024 Exhibition 8

Unique Design: Illuminated Posters

The booth featured 8 illuminated posters, ingeniously attracting the gaze of visitors. These posters not only highlighted the product features but also conveyed Amercook’s commitment to innovation and quality. The glowing design ensured that Amercook’s booth was instantly noticeable in the exhibition hall, drawing the crowd’s focus.

Support from Russian Distributors

Amercook’s Russian distributors actively participated in the exhibition, assisting in hosting customers. The Amercook booth saw a continuous stream of visitors, creating a lively atmosphere at the event. The exhibition served not only as a platform for Amercook to display its products but also as an opportunity for interaction with customers and partners.

Amercook Shines at MosHome 2024 Exhibition 9

About Amercook: Amercook is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of cookware, with years of industry experience. Our product range includes Terracotta, Aristo stainless steel, AMVegan, and the newly launched electrical appliances. Amercook remains committed to innovation, quality, and practicality, providing high-quality cookware to consumers worldwide.

Contact Information: For more information, please visit or contact us via email at

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