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AMERCOOK attends the World Central Kitchen Charity Dinner

December 4th, we had the privilege of being part of an extraordinary event: the charity dinner organized by world central kitchen in Madrid. As a kitchen ware brand committed to excellence and social responsibility, our participation in this event was not only an honor, but also an opportunity to contribute to a humanitarian cause of great importance.

The evening was memorable not only for the exquisite dishes served and the presence of renowned chefs, such as our brand ambassador foodtropia, but also for the spirit of generosity that was breathed in every corner.

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Our marketing and advertising director delivering the award.

The auction and raffle, in which we had the pleasure of participating, raised a significant amount, which will be allocated entirely to the initiatives of world central kitchen. This organization has demonstrated a tireless commitment to providing food to people affected by natural disasters and crises, and we are proud to have contributed to their noble cause.

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