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Amercook—— We are looking for brand agents worldwide.

Lead the world’s fashion kitchen art life, committed to creating a global non-stick pot head brand, so that every family has a non-stick pan AMERCOOK, to provide users around the world to trust the products and a wonderful cooking experience.

What Amercook offer to our customers

As a professional cookware manufacturer,our products include frying pans, casserole pots and wok pans, sauce pans, and cookware sets.

Why Amercook will be your reliable partner

Four factories

The four factories cover a total area of 90,000㎡+, with an annual capacity of 30 million kitchenware.

Standardised system

Unified brand standardized management to protect the interests of every customer.

visual identity

Use simple kitchen utensils to outline a fashion line of art painting, meaning to decorate every corner and detail of our lives with art.

Design & Development

Amercook has a history of 50 years, and has a very large number of global design patents and certificates, etc.


Amercook Agents &Business in the world

Sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, stationed in Europe and the United States of America’s major supermarkets and department stores 1,000 +, deeply loved and trusted by 48 million European and American families.

What Customers Say’s About Our AMERCOOK Services!

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